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Thanks to support from an Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs American Rescue Plan grant in 2021, the Wallace Centers of Iowa has digitized and shared hundreds of photos, papers, and items of significance from our permanent collection. Many of these collections items are now available for the public to view for the first time. Scroll down to find two videos on Wallace Family history.

Henrys on porch

These photos from the Wallace Centers of Iowa collection, spanning from the late 19th century to the middle of 20th century, were all once owned and loved by Wallace family members.

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The Wallace House is one of two Wallace Centers of Iowa locations, and was the home of Henry and Nancy Wallace from 1892 until Henry’s death in 1916. These photos document 756 16th Street during the family’s time in the home.
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This collection of candid snapshots from Vice President Henry A. Wallace’s 50 day 1944 tour of the Soviet Union and Asia documents the towns and cities he visited, as well as his interactions with everyday people and prestigious leaders.

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In 1944, Vice President Henry A. Wallace set off on a 50 day tour of Siberia and the Eastern Soviet Union and Nationalist controlled portions of China. Using never before shared photographs from The Wallace Centers of Iowa’s permanent collection, this video narrates the course of Henry A. Wallace’s tour using excerpts from the Vice President’s journal and 1946 book, “Soviet Asia Mission.”

This video examines the history of four generations of The Wallace Family, America’s First Family of Agriculture. Family photos, items of historical interest, and texts written by the Wallaces from the Wallace Centers of Iowa collection provide context for the Wallace Family story. You will learn about the important significance this pioneering family had on the fields of journalism, agriculture, and American politics.