Starting in 2019, WCI is partnering with the Food Bank of Iowa to help food-insecure Iowans. WCI will grow and donate at least 10,000 pounds of sweet potatoes from its “Garden for Good” at the Country Life Center. Through its network of 55 Iowa counties, the Food Bank will distribute the produce to Iowans who are in need. One out of every 8 Iowans is food insecure, and the amount of fresh produce available to this group is limited. With our long history of producing sustainably-grown produce, WCI is in a unique position to help meet this critical need.

Why sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes grow especially well in the growing conditions at the Country Life Center. They store well, are easy to prepare and are a nutrient-dense food–all important traits for food-insecure people and a good choice for our first effort.

Like to dig in the dirt? come harvest the sweet potatoes from 9 am to 3 pm on Wednesday, October 16, weather permitting. Other times may be scheduled later. The Country Life Center will supply sunscreen, water and tea. Bring your gloves and bottled water if you prefer. Call ahead at 641.33.5019 or contact Lisa.

Our “Garden for Good” will help food-insecure Iowans access more locally-grown produce and eat more healthfully. If you’d like to financially support this effort, contact Ann or make a direct contribution through out Donate page. Thank you!

“Iowans struggling with food insecurity have a lot of trouble getting access to fresh, nutritious produce, due to its cost. When WCI donates sweet potatoes to the Food Bank of Iowa, they’re helping us ensure that our neighbors in need can maintain a wholesome diet.” –Emily Shearer, Food Bank of Iowa