Preserving Goodness from the Farm

Abundance Preserved Foods are created from the fruits, vegetables and herbs grown at the Wallace Farm using organic practices. Our chefs developed each recipe and blend, and use them often in the farm-to-table meals served at both historic sites. Try these tasty recommendations at home:

Tomato Compote – Goes great with goat cheese and crackers, on a fried egg, or as a spread for sharp cheddar grilled cheese

Apple Butter – Delicious on toast, makes a great spread for a ham & cheddar cheese sandwich, or serve with blue cheese & crackers

Whiskey Apple Butter – Spread on sourdough bread, accompany a cheese platter, or apply a thin layer on a pork loin halfway through cooking for the perfect amount of spice and sweetness

Apple Sage Seasoning – Sprinkle on popcorn, roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, salmon or pork chops. For Apple Pork Burgers: Mix 4 Tbsp. with one pound ground pork, portion into 4 patties, cook through. Top with a spoonful of Whiskey Apple Butter and goat or blue cheese

Garlic Smoked Salt РTasty on eggs, add a little on top of a grilled steak or salmon, or serve with a crudité platter

Rosemary Orange Salt – Sprinkle on top of a grilled chicken breast, mix with yogurt for a dip, or sprinkle on raw radishes or kohlrabi

Basil Salt – Sprinkle on fish or the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich, rim the edge of a cocktail glass

Hot Chile Salt – Sprinkle on veggies before roasting, or rim the edge of a margarita glass

Hot Chile Sugar – Sprinkle on fresh fruit like melon and pineapple or finish candies like caramels, fudge and toffee before cooling

Lavender Sugar – Mix in lemonade, sprinkle on scones or sugar cookies before baking or after frosting

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Abundance products are available at both the Wallace Farm and Wallace House + occasionally at Des Moines’ Downtown Farmers Market.

Made in small batches, quantities are limited.