Part of the Wallace Legacy

To mark the importance of Henry A. Wallace’s legacy in agriculture, WCI partnered with Corteva Agriscience (formerly Pioneer Hi-Bred) in the installation of a corn demonstration plot at the Wallace Farm.

This new site enhancement celebrates Henry A. Wallace’s critical role in corn hybridization and the founding of Hi-Bred Corn Company (later Pioneer Hi-Bred) in 1926 and provides an additional educational and experiential opportunity for all ages. Visitors can walk through the rows of corn, observe the plants during all stages of the growing season and better understand the differences between the hybrid and non-hybrid varieties.

Working together, Corteva and WCI staff selected 5 varieties of hybrid and non-hybrid corn for the initial birthplace farm plot. The 2022 plot varieties include an open-pollinated sample called Reid’s Yellow Dent, a double cross hybrid first sold in 1936, and a variety that holds the world record of 616 bushels/acre. Accompanying the plot is a large educational sign recounting Henry A.’s early experiments in hybridization and the history of Pioneer Hi-Bred’s founding. Smaller signs accompany each seed variety planted in the plot, explaining its relevance and why it was selected for the demonstration.

Corteva has agreed to a three-year commitment of in-kind and financial support for this new enhancement including planning and planting expertise, seed selection and procurement, and educational sign development.

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