treeThe little seeds of civil behavior, planted each day in your workplace can have a big result. Customers and employees respond and with each interaction growth becomes mighty.

How does one begin to plant the eight civility practices at work?

Begin with a self assessment. Ask yourself, do I…

  1. Notice details that others are not seeing?
  2. Listen well and ask questions as needed for clarification?
  3. Recognize the effort of others and give skilled positive feedback?
  4. Speak up and address concerns directly?
  5. Utilize systems and practices in order to be more productive?
  6. Skillfully give and receive constructive feedback?
  7. Convey a sense of possibility?
  8. Accept responsibility for the actions I can take when things do not go as planned?

No doubt you already act in ways that support these practices. The practices that are less familiar can become skilled behaviors with a little focused attention.

Gather 510 px squareThe Seeds of Civility is a blog that is created by The Wallace Centers of Iowa.  Here we gather tips for leading (and developing emerging leaders) with civility.


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