firstvoiceforniCivility experts like P.M. Forni who wrote, Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct and Sara Hacala who wrote Saving Civility: 52 Way to Tame Rude, Crude & Attitude for Polite Planet have provided a structured path of insight to the concept of civility.  Forni gives us 25 rules  and Hacala give us 52 ways to be civil.

Knowledge is often the first approach to change. However, if we stay at the knowledge level of learning our brain will sort and classify in a way that tends to focus on what is wrong. Knowledge opens our eyes to the world around us and we see start to incivility everywhere.  Civility Quote from Sara Hacula

The Wallace Centers of Iowa  teaches civility with the refreshing and uplifting perspective of appreciative inquiry.  Workplace learning programs utilize the knowledge from authors like Forni and Hacala and apply the information to a simple five to eight question civility strengths assessment. Participants are asked to identify which small actions come easily to them. A workplace simulation helps participants see the benefit of all the small actions and invites them to try actions that are less comfortable or natural to them so they can see improved results.

In addition to the workplace learning offerings, the leadership and civility lunches bring fresh voices to civility. Speakers like Kevin Pokorny  encourage us to be mindful in our connections with each other so we can have productive and respectful places to work.

Do you know a fresh voice of civility?

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The Seeds of Civility is a blog that is created by The Wallace Centers of Iowa.  We cultivate conversations about leading (and developing emerging leaders) with civility.

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