What is the Connection Between Leadership and Civility?

The Wallace Centers of Iowa offered a series of lunches on leadership and civility for Spring 2015. Since the series was announced, people have been asking about the link between the two concepts.

The concept of leadership is a process of creating new outcomes or results.  The concept of civility is about small actions or behaviors (practices). A leader can skillfully apply civility practices to create sustainable outcomes.

Graphic of Which?When leaders intentionally include others, speak up when things need to be said, listen well when people are trying to speak, notice little things that seem off and ask questions, and remember to smile often, they end up building a culture of resilience and growth.

There are leaders who get results even when they behave in ways that exclude some, tell people what to do, talk more than listen, notice only mistakes and flaws, and rarely crack a smile. They end up building a culture of weak or even toxic relationships.

What is your experience with civility and leadership?

Do you think skilfully applying civility practices will impact the culture or environment of the leader’s workplace?

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