Leading with Civility: Notice Little Things

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Why does noticing little things matter?

At first glance, taking time to notice what is going on around you may seem like a silly request or a big responsibility.  This action is truly about mindfulness or simply paying attention to what is happening in the moment.  Perhaps you could decide to notice the sounds and sights of nature if you are outside.  Another way to notice little things is to  observe how people are responding to your interaction with them and respond with compassion.

Author P.M. Forni of Choosing Civility: The Twenty Five Rules of Considerate Conduct says: 

 When we pay attention, when we are alert to the world, we improve substantially the quality of our responses and therefore the quality of our lives and the lives of those who touch ours.

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What are your thoughts? Does paying attention and being alert to the world make a difference?

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