Share your time and skills

The Wallace Centers of Iowa could not be successful without the skills and talents of its many volunteers. Short-term and continuing positions are available to match your interests and availability. If you’re interested in volunteering at the Country Life Center, please email Deb Houghtaling. If you’d like to help out at the Wallace House, please email Ann Taylor. Here are examples of some of our great volunteers:

Silver Cord Hours!

Chef Katie had a little help in the Wallace House kitchen one August morning in 2018. Eleanor and Elizabeth prepped some peppers for the next night’s Farm to Table Thursday dinner at the Wallace House. Those tiny little seeds are annoying! They were both able to count their volunteer time towards Silver Cord hours at their high school. Win-win!

Maintaining Facilities

Willard Olesen of Greenfield is always ready to help where needed: mowing the Country Life Center grounds, painting the birthplace home, cleaning gutters at the Wallace House, and serving on the Board of Directors. But he can’t do it all! More volunteers are needed to maintain the two historic locations. If you have maintenance or grounds-keeping skills, WCI might be a good fit for you.

Just a note: the riding mower that Willard uses was purchased in 2018 with funds from the Empowering Adair County Foundation. We appreciate its support!

Farm Credit Services

Staff from the Perry, Iowa office of Farm Credit Services of America spent a beautiful fall Friday volunteering at the Country Life Center. They cleaned and sorted about 500 POUNDS of garlic and brought a very generous donation. They must really like garlic, ’cause 2018 was the second year they’ve helped with the garlic harvest.