Share your time and skills

The Wallace Centers of Iowa could not be successful in attracting more than 10,000 annual visitors with a variety of programs and services without the skills and talents of its many volunteers. Short-term and continuing positions are available to match the interests and availability of potential volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteering at one of The Wallace Centers of Iowa locations, please email Lissa Kleven or call 612-812-7184. Here are examples of some of our great volunteers:

A Farmer at Heart

By trade, Joe Dwyer of rural Stuart works in the family auto shop business. But if he could, he’d play with plants all day long as he does when he volunteers at the Country Life Center.

Through the Master Gardeners program, Joe was looking for a place to volunteer and was introduced to WCI through Sam Schultz, a former volunteer. Joe began volunteering in April 2014.

Maintaining Facilities

Willard Olesen of Greenfield is always ready to help where needed: mowing the Country Life Center grounds, painting the birthplace home, cleaning gutters at the Wallace House, and serving on the Board of Directors. But he can’t do it all! More volunteers are needed to maintain the two historic locations. If you have maintenance or grounds-keeping skills, WCI might be a good fit for you.

The Hoger Family

Boy Scout Mitch Hoger of Clive transformed a 45’x 45’ square of grass at the Country Life Center into an over-sized checkerboard, complete with black and red checkers. Five carloads of people from teenagers to senior citizens with gloves, rakes, shovels, levelers, saws, and other tools helped Mitch complete the project for his Eagle Scout Award – the highest rank available for Boy Scouts.

Enhancing the Country Life Center facilities is a family affair for the Hogers. In 2004, oldest brother Matt extended the walking path to include a section of old farming fence. In 2008, middle brother Mark constructed and erected 21 bird houses for native bird species and signs to alert the public. Our sincere congratulations and thanks go out to the Hoger family for all they have done at the Country Life Center.