Special Notice: Fall and Winter 2018

Responding to June 28 Disaster 
Many people are aware that a severe windstorm slammed the Country Life Center farm on June 28 with 70+ mph winds, rain and hail. Trees were downed, outdoor furniture crushed, shingles torn off the Gathering Barn, and all five of the hoop houses damaged beyond repair. Thankfully, no one was injured.
This extensive damage is forcing us to change our CSA program for the Fall and Winter seasons. The new priorities will be tearing down damaged buildings, rethinking produce operations, and planning for 2019.
Here are the details:
A. We WILL deliver 5 weekly shares to the current Fall subscribers. In other words, we are not accepting any more Fall subscriptions. Produce will emphasize “storage ability”: carrots, beets, garlic, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and apples. The crew will try their best to grow other produce without hoop houses.
B. Reluctantly, we’re canceling the traditional Winter season. Instead, we’re offering a one-time HOLIDAY BOX to be delivered December 11. The box will be filled with varieties such as winter squash, sweet potatoes, apples, garlic, winter radishes, etc. Each box costs $60, with a total of 20 boxes offered. (All have been reserved.)
C. If you’re not a Fall or Winter subscriber, but would still like to help WCI recover and regroup, here are some ideas:
  • Come for a meal: Thursday nights at Wallace House, or Friday lunch or dinner at the Country Life Center.
  • Rent one of our locations for your next event. Contact Deborah at the Wallace House or Lisa at the Country Life Center.
  • Volunteer in the garden at the Country Life Center. Wednesdays to Fridays are best. Call Mosa Shayan to arrange: 515.868.4297.
  • Monetary contributions are welcome, too. Send your check to the Wallace House, or call 515.243.7063 with a debit or credit card. Even more convenient is to donate securely via PayPal on our website.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we work through this challenge. We’re determined to continue our quality programs and services to the community, but it will take time and resources to recover.

Questions? Email or call 515.243.7063 (Wallace House).

Direct to Your Table: Prairie Harvest CSA

What’s a CSA?

The Prairie Harvest Community Supported Agriculture program joins subscribers in sharing the risk and bounty of the growing season by purchasing a share in The Wallace Centers of Iowa’s fruit and vegetable production. Shares are offered in the spring, summer, fall and winter.

What do I get?

• Sustainably grown fruits & vegetables (using organic practices, but not certified organic)
• At least 5 different kinds of produce each week
• Weekly newsletter with easy recipes, storage tips and event invitations
• Super-fresh produce with longer storage life, less waste, more taste
• Satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from and contributing to Iowa’s food dollars
• Opportunities to visit the garden where the produce is grown

How do I get my share?

Produce is delivered to Des Moines, Johnston, and Greenfield or ready to pick up at the farm near Orient on Tuesdays. You’ll receive an email early in the week to remind you the location and pick up time.

What if I can’t use a full share?

A typical share will feed 3 to 4 people. Find a friend, neighbor or co-worker to split your share. You can take turns picking up each week’s share or meet to divide up the produce. Weekly newsletter tips can help you preserve the garden’s goodness for later use.

2017 CSA Survey Results

Every year we survey our subscribers to see what went well and how we can improve. Here’s the latest:

Helpful CSA Publications

Don’t know how to keep your arugula fresh? Not sure what chiffonade means? Our guides for storage tips and culinary terms will help:
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New in 2018:
We’ll be testing several new varieties this year including tomatillos, bok choy, parsnips, lavender and more.

Share Options

Spring Share: 5 Weeks, $160
Offered at all locations. Planned produce includes arugula, spinach, carrots, kale, head lettuce, asparagus, radishes, kohlrabi and green garlic. Four high tunnel hoop houses provide ideal growing conditions for early harvesting.

Summer Share: 18 Weeks, $480
More than 30 different kinds of produce are grown over the summer including apples, garlic, cantaloupe, carrots, onions, spinach, beets, cabbage, chilies, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, peppers, summer squash, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, lettuce, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, winter squash, and broccoli. Pick up bundles of herbs such as basil, parsley and cilantro.

Fall Share: Not accepting additional subscribers

Winter Share: Canceled

Please note: Beginning April 1, 3.5% will be added to credit card payments.

Upcoming Deliveries

There are no upcoming events.