1st_and_main_-_diego_resizedIs your workplace was full of interesting personalities like Diego, Julie, and Chet?

They are characters on Starbuck’s first ever animated series.  The fun part of 1st and Main, a series created by three animators of The Simpsons: John Frink, Joel H. Cohen and Rob LaZebnik, is that we get to see a kind-hearted humor presented in a slice of workplace life in America.

In the coffeehouse, there is an element of civility taking place at 1st and Main. In the first episode Diego, the cool cat barista, is the civility hero. He’s got some emotional intelligence going on and plays along with Chet’s goal. Chet wants the young couple who are deciding on a baby name to select the name “Chet” so he makes sure his name is last name to be heard so it lands at the top of the list.

Our civility hero, Diego could be rude and ignore the ambitious eager beaver. Instead he plays along and calls out Chet’s name four times. Watch the episode and decide for yourself what keeps civility in check. Also enjoy the last minute plot twist at the end of this short.

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