Mindfulness: A Leadership Skill?


Is mindfulness becoming a leadership skill?  There has been significant research devoted the benefits of mindfulness practices related to health and wellness. Numerous large organizations have taken these benefits seriously and brought mindfulness to the workplace; Aetna, Google, Intel, General Mills are a few leading companies that have offered programs about mindfulness.

Stuart Levine of Credit Union Times, writes:

Mindfulness is a must-have for effective leadership. Published research from graduate business school INSEAD reported better communication skills, more appropriate reactions to stress and improved innovative thinking through mindfulness practice. Effective leaders are keenly aware of how their mindsets, emotional states and actions affect team members. They are able to control their behaviors and suppress automatic responses. Mindful decision makers take time to observe, not falling prey to assumptions which can be misleading and are able to consider various options. The cognitive benefits of being present supports a more effective decision-making process.

What are your thoughts about mindfulness and its impact on business? Do you work for a company with a mindfulness program?

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