Support for Small Growers to Add Value to Crops

Let WCI help you through the steps of creating a recipe, processing, packaging, and marketing your unique food product.

One Step at a Time provides education, mentoring, support, expertise and commercial kitchen space for small growers to create, test, process, package and market a new food product. Growers with excess produce can transform extra fruits and vegetables into jams, salsas, chutneys and other shelf-stable food products for gift shops, grocery stores, farmers markets or other outlets.

Adding value to what small farmers grow insures additional income, year-round sales, and pride in a product that will be enjoyed throughout Iowa and beyond. How do we know? WCI’s own Abundance food line is an example of how growers can develop local specialty food products. Chef Katie has perfected recipes for apple butter, jams, and tomato compote, which are sold in limited quantities at WCI’s two locations and at Ed and Eva’s gift shop in Greenfield, IA.

Email Katie Porter and ask about the One Step at a Time program or call 515.243.7063.

Developed in part from a USDA RBOG grant

WCI’s Abundance jams, apple butter and tomato compote are good examples of how growers can add value to crops and increase income.