Gift Shop

= Products made by The Wallace Centers of Iowa

Located in the farmhouse at the Country Life Center, all but a handful of the items carried in the Gift Shop are created in southwest or south central Iowa. More than 25 local artists provide a constantly changing selection of gift items and seasonal pieces. Items shown below are just a small sample of what’s available. Prices range from a couple of dollars to a little more than $100. Sorry, at this time we aren’t able to do online sales or ship items.

Shop Hours:

Regular hours: 10 am – 3 pm Wednesday and Thursday, 10 am – 5 pm Friday.

Lisa Swanson, manager. Call 641.337.5019

Dirt Road Candles

Hand poured soy candles made by Michelle Meyer of Atlantic come in different sizes and fragrances such as Rainwater and Black Sea.


Handwoven Rugs

Weavers Betsy Keenan of Maloy and Nathan Hamilton of Creston create completely different styles of rugs–all beautiful.

Tomato Jam

Made from a recipe created by Chef Katie Porter, this tasty jam pairs nicely with cheddar cheese on a cracker or on a slice of beef. Limited quantity.

Goat's Milk Soaps

You’ll be obsessed with washing your hands with these amazingly scented handmade soaps from Michelle Carter of Dexter.

Flavored Salts

Just a pinch of garlic smoked or rosemary orange salt is all you need to make meats, vegetables, even popcorn better! Quantities limited.

Doll Clothes

You’ll find an entire wardrobe for your favorite 18″ doll from retired home economics teacher Lois Houghtaling of Greenfield.


From time to time, we’ll feature one or more of our local artists here.

Judy Gile, Creston, IA: Porcelain Painter

My first love is portraits of people or animals. My painting ideas come from pictures, my imagination and frequently just develop and change as I paint the piece. I am not a traditional porcelain painter as I rarely do flowers or fruit in traditional style. I want my art pieces to tell a story about the subject to the viewer. Most of the time, my hope is to make the viewer smile.